Intellectual Property

17. March 2021

Technical innovation and intellectual creations give rise to valuable intangible assets. Protecting such assets – trademarks, patents and utility models, as well as copyright, design protection and protection of know-how – requires highly qualified advice. New technologies, new markets and the internet pose a constant challenge.

Our firm has experience in developing and protecting intellectual property. We analyze your rights and your position in the market and determine how best to represent you. We help you to develop and implement the right protection strategy. In patent matters we consult suitable patent counsel, if needed. We also have experience in dealing with claims for compensation asserted by employee-inventors.

We have successfully represented our clients in domestic and international infringement cases; ranging from seizure at the border, securing evidence, attaching accounts and seizing documents, comprehensive disclosure, injunctive relief and claims for damages.

Copyright law is a hot topic due to rapid changes in art, publishing and the press, in new media, the internet and databases. It requires experience and expertise to find a balance between the rights of authors and commercial exploiters, but also with regard to private use and public interest. We advise you beginning with the protection of the work, drafting the required agreements, then enforcing preservation, injunctive relief, disclosure and damages.

We also have experience in advising and litigation in the area of personality rights and press rights for our clients in the publishing business.