17. March 2021

MEISTERLAW has comprehensive experience in advising boards and executives of listed and privately-held companies on creating and implementing customized compliance management systems and on dealing with substantive compliance matters regarding in particular the prevention of bribery, corruption and money-laundering. We also advise on compliance with competition and antitrust law, labor law, data protection regulations and on IT matters.

Detection and Prevention of Competition and Antitrust Infringements

In particular, we assist businesses in implementing efficient compliance systems and training to detect and prevent infringe-ments of competition and antitrust laws. In doing so, we focus on identifying sensitive interfaces within your business, for example regular contacts with competitors, customers or suppliers, as the case may be. If we identify such risks we suggest individualized solutions that ensure compliance while having as little impact as possible on your daily business dealings, em-phasizing practicality and using technology where appropriate.

Antitrust Damages Claims

We also assist businesses in the private enforcement of claims for damages based on competition and antitrust violations and in the defense against such claims. This includes assistance in detecting and assessing competition and antitrust violations committed by other market participants which may hurt your business and in securing evidence of such antitrust violations, and thus laying the base for asserting and enforcing antitrust damages claims.