Innovative custom solutions require a law firm with the optimal structure and size.

MEISTERLAW is a highly specialized boutique law firm. The quality, experience and number of our consultants provide us the structure we need to advise and conduct complex transborder transactions, projects and disputes as if MEISTERLAW were a large law firm. On the other hand, we provide counsel with a view to the client’s specific needs, rather than following our own agenda.

Seeing the essentials.
Recognizing opportunities.

We not only advise, we also provide specific expertise.

Our lawyers have worked for many years in international law firms, companies and government agencies. They also offer extensive business expertise acquired in positions on supervisory and advisory boards. This enables them to focus on the essentials and recognize opportunities. Although their career paths are varied, our lawyers follow a unified approach to advising their clients.


We take a closer look and pay attention to details without losing sight of the essentials. You and your company… your goals and interests.


We not only understand – we see the broader picture. Where other see problems, we perceive opportunities and relationships that lie beyond typical approaches to difficult issues. We strive to understand our clients’ circumstances to help them attain their entrepreneurial goals.

Paying attention to your interests means more than simply looking at your side of the issue.

Focusing on success and balancing interests – this is essential for a lasting and beneficial relationship with clients.

You and your company – your goals and interests. In order to safeguard your interests, we not only follow a consistent, systematic and conceptional approach, we also make sure that the need to act quickly does not get in the way of efficient evaluation of all relevant information.


We make a precise assessment of the legal situation and define a plan of action, including a transparent overview of the cost, while maintaining close and structured consultation with our clients.


Our strategy for success is to create long-term and sustainable client relationships. At MEISTERLAW, this means optimally combining and managing the skills of our lawyers.