Dispute Resolution

17. March 2021

Dispute resolution in and of court

We regard it as our paramount task to prevent trouble for your company. When providing advice on substantive law – be it company law, mergers and acquisitions, distribution law, antitrust law or intellectual property – we think ahead and discuss with you what should happen if disagreements or other difficulties arise, even if you prefer to focus on the commercial provisions of your contract. Choosing the right dispute-resolution method can save you a lot of effort and money when it comes to the crunch. We make sure you consider all options currently available to resolve disputes quickly and effectively, from selecting the law applicable to your contract to choosing a suitable forum, be it a court, arbitration or mediation. Then we help to convince your counterparties that the solution selected by you is also good for them. Finally, we make sure that the resulting agreement is securely documented in your contract. Our advice is based on substantial international experience with courts, arbitral institutions and mediators, including experience as arbitrators in international commercial arbitration proceedings.

If a dispute arises, we will be there for you from the start. If you contact us early enough, we will consider with you obtaining provisional orders to secure your claims or to stop infringements of your rights with immediate effect. Such provisional orders may give you a decisive, lasting advantage. We also help you with determining the facts, processing the relevant data, obtaining evidence, and taking all other steps required to resolve your dispute, up to enforcing the judgment or award you may obtain. We also offer you access to our network of dispute-resolution lawyers, experts, dispute-resolution funding and asset-recovery specialists in many countries around the globe. Third-party dispute-resolution funding, in particular, may be useful to you when dealing with the cost of litigation or arbitration, even if you are on the side of the defendant.

We also assist businesses in the private enforcement of claims for damages based on antitrust violations and in the defense against such claims. This includes assistance in detecting and assessing antitrust violations committed by other market participants which may hurt your business and in securing evidence of such antitrust violations, and thus laying the base for asserting and enforcing antitrust damages claims.