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At the core of your professional development at MEISTERLAW is personalized program, based on five pillars and comprising internal and external training and continued education.

Training our lawyers to be excellent legal advisors is a top priority. In addition to continued education in the standard areas of specialization of our firm, we also focus on training areas of interest and strengths of the individual.


We concentrate sharpening and expanding the competencies and interests of the individual.


We involve new members from the very beginning in managing the firm.

Building blocks

Meister University

Quarterly events for structured education in the basics and practice-oriented broadening and updates on legislation and court decisions in the firm’s areas of practice. Meister University sessions focus on specific topics to provide depth and strengthen knowledge of participants. Our lawyers are also guided into areas that are unfamiliar to them. This provides for training outside of a specific specialization so that our lawyers are also aware of pitfalls that could arise up in cross-discipline advising.

Meister “Law Stammtisch”

Over beer and pretzels we discuss draft legislation, legal news, interesting issues and press reports. We use this informal format within the law firm to broaden our horizons; we often expand and discuss these topics on an emotional and humorous level. This is a means for you to informally refine your view and entrepreneurial thinking – beyond the legal horizon. In this process it is essential that our lawyers share their experiences, at all levels.

Regular feedback and training toward a specialization

As an addition to continual professional conversations, we place great importance on the semiannual feedback conversations with a partner. Feedback does not mean a paternalistic monologue. To the contrary, feedback is a mutual, open exchange of opinions and criticism – and also an indicator for us of the satisfaction and ideal development of our lawyers.

During feedback conversations, specific continuing education classes, seminars and professional events are selected together with the partner mentoring the individual. We take on the costs for this, including membership in professional groups and related conferences, for example.

MEISTERLAW Client Seminars

An opportunity to listen to clients, make your own presentation and have discussions. Contemplate fundamental and current issues. You gain an uncensored view of the business considerations of our clients, which is essential for your path to being an excellent lawyer.

Training on the Job

From the very beginning you will be actively involved in each step of comprehensive client management and developing strategies and tactics, both on the subject level and the project level. This training does not stop at simply analyzing what other lawyers are doing, but helps you actively develop your own broad-based and independent lawyer personality, with continuous assistance from our experienced lawyers.

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